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STILLWELL, Okla. – All of us at one time or the other has gotten into a situation where we have more jobs to do than we have time. Being in the heat and air conditioning business I understand the feeling, the first hot or cold day of the respective season there will be more service calls than I am able to take care of. In casual conversations some of my friends have asked me how business has been over the past week; I have often told them that I was up to my butt in alligators. Until someone has actually been in that situation they have a hard time understanding the stress of being overwhelmed. I can only imagine the stress our new president has faced since he took office. 

One of Donald Trump’s campaign pledges was to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C. I agree with him completely but one thing we need to remember, there are many disgusting critters that make their home in the swamp. In the real swamp there are cotton mouth snakes that are more poisonous than a rattle snake, snapping turtles that wouldn’t think twice about clamping down on your finger and finally alligators that would like to invite you to dinner (namely his dinner). All of those disgusting swamp creatures have a lot in common with the current residents of our nation’s capital.

As I learn more about the abuse in our political system, it causes me to lose more and more faith in government. Every election cycle many candidates promise to clean up government, but when they are elected their backbone seems to dissolve when they see the power of the unelected bureaucracy. Now we have a man in the White House that has the courage to engage the establishment, because of that willingness he has come under constant attack.

It seems strange that the mainstream media doesn’t require any proof when someone on the left accuses him of having illicit deals with the Russian government. When Trump makes the claim that his communications were wire tapped while he was a candidate, the media portrays him as making an unfounded accusation and being irrational. We Americans can be very naive at times. The recent Wiki leaks data dump should be a wakeup call for all Americans. When our government has technology to use your smart phone or your smart TV as a microphone to record your most private conservation, none of us are safe.

Throughout history most prophets have been labeled as mentally disturbed or not rational; I have found that for the most part the prophets were the ones telling the truth. We need to remember that many of the people in government will do anything to hold on to their position. Bearing false witness and using Sal Alinsky tactics are the norm. When you hear all of the attacks on President Trump we need to remember that snakes, politicians, main stream media and especially alligators are nipping at his backside.

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