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Barry's Excellent Libyan Adventure

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Obama sells the Libyan war to the American people.
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Barry’s Excellent Libyan Adventure

OKLAHOMA CITY –  Hours before President Obama’s speech on America’s humanitarian war … err … “kinetic military action” … we heard from U.S. Rep. John Sullivan, R-Tulsa, who told Red Dirt Report that as a member of Congress, he was eager to understand what the mission in Libya was and hoped the president clarified the mission.

Calling America and NATO’s actions in Libya – tongue firmly in cheek - a “humanitarian bombing” mission, Sullivan questioned why President Obama, a known anti-war figure who holds a Nobel Peace Prize, is ignoring Congress before going into Libya and launching Tomahawk missiles directed at targets in Libya.

“He needs to let the American people know what we are doing and explain the national security threat that Libya presents,” Sullivan told this reporter.

And the rebels we are supporting? Reports say many are “Islamic radicals” and Al-Qaeda members or sympathizers. Are we hoping they get Qaddafi out of power? What then? Are the rebels prepared to start a government, or is Libya destined to become something closer to the lawless Somalian model? The old saying “The devil you know …” comes to mind.

So, no ground troops, but “humanitarian forces” are to be involved? What does that even mean? Obama did not call for regime change. What message is that sending to Qaddafi and his henchmen? This whole situation is so murky that it seems almost – deliberate.

Again, the threat posed by Libya to the nation was not clarified, at least from the perspective of this ink-stained Okie. No, there was talk of not putting up with Qaddafi attacking fellow Libyans. But what of Syria? Bahrain? Ivory Coast?

And this just a day after Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said the U.S. had no vital interest in Libya. The War Powers Act of 1973 only gives a president the authority to go to war without congressional approval when the nation is in immediate peril. That is clearly not the case with Libya but Obama does not seem to care.

Meanwhile, newly-elected U.S. Rep. James Lankford, R-Oklahoma City, admitted to having reservations about our actions in Libya against the Qaddafi regime while praying for the men and women of the American military, along with their families, as these brave folks follow orders to go to Libya.

Said Lankford: “There are many unanswered questions that still remain concerning the American role in NATO operations and the long-term commitment of force. While I pray for a swift end to hostilities, the battle in Libya could be months or years. I strongly urge the President to clarify our future goals and objectives in Libya.”

Added Lankford: “The country deserves to be provided with a clear strategy on the duration of these operations, a clearly defined chain of command, and contingency plans for a situation where Qaddafi remains in power.”

Liberal Congressman Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, a voice for America’s tattered anti-war movement, believes our going into Libya is leading to “another Iraq” and that funding for America’s latest military adventure should be cut off “immediately.”

Indeed. We still have thousands of troops in Iraq and many more in Afghanistan. A third war with no exit strategy is now underway as North Africa and the Middle East becomes a tinderbox.

And yet President Obama sees fit to further stretch our worn-out military in yet another military adventure or whatever the hell they’re euphemistically calling it this week.

Said Kucinich: “I heard an Obama doctrine in which war is an executive privilege. We are in dangerous territory here.”

And Kucinich told WTAM 1100 in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio: “The economy is falling apart. Our cities are starved. People are without health care. All we’re getting is war.”

War happens for a reason. Obama notably did not mention "oil" or "energy" in his speech. But they do have oil that Europe needs. Europe is an ally, so one would suspect we are in Libya to make sure the oil still flows.

As one pundit said after Obama’s speech last night, we have launched more bombs on Libya than the Japanese did during the whole attack on Pearl Harbor. And yet we’re not at war, according to this clueless administration.

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