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OKLAHOMA CITY – In the dream I am looking out a back window toward a tree-lined area looking down into a valley, very similar to a location I’m quite familiar with at a resort in western Michigan.

A small, regional white jet with the word “MESOAIR” or “MESOJET” is on the side. It’s heading west with a small crew and group of passengers leaving an event I had been covering as a reporter.

But as I stand there watching it, the airplane seems to lose altitude and clips some trees, eventually crashing and exploding. I catch some of it on my smartphone camera and try to tell people about this disaster as it unfolds, which apparently also included the crash of a small prop plane as well.

What was curious about this event in my dream was that moments before the airplane crash I had been thinking about the day this event was taking place was a Tuesday (today is actually Tuesday) and how the September 11th attacks occurred on a Tuesday, involving airplanes, of course.

I made my way to the crash site, slowly, a golf course (Harrison Ford sync? Sleep golfing?) and other news outlets had beaten me to the site. In fact, it seemed time had passed in that the fire in the fuselage was out and I was told 18 people had died in the crash and that survivors – all with a group wearing navy-colored T-shirts – were still being treated.

I later discovered that today, in Queensland Australia, along the Tropic of Capricorn, there was a plane crash involving a white plane (owned by 1770 Castaway - The Star is the 17th card in the Tarot), near a body of water not far from the Capricorn Coast and the Brisbane Times reports that there was another plane involved in some way. Interestingly, the photo on the Brisbane Times website shows the pilot, Les Woodall, wearing a T-shirt which seems to read: "rusty" - like Red Dirt Report's cowboy mascot Rusty.

Australian pilot Les Woodall was flying the plane that crashed in rural Queensland on Tuesday. (Via Brisbane Times)

And the survivors of the crash were flown to the Queensland city of Rockhampton, the same city where longtime Oklahoma City planning director Russell Claus ended up after leaving OKC three years ago.

As for the Tropic of Capricorn sync, this dream and this Australian plane crash occured under the sign of Capricorn. Oh, and Captain James Cook, the British explorer, first arrived in this region in 1770, aboard the HMS Endeavour (which the Space Shuttle of the same name is named after) thus the name of the community where the plane came from. He would later go to Hawaii, the first European to do so, in 1779, only to be killed by the native Hawaiians - a grisly death on Valentine's Day there in the "Sandwich Islands." John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, and a member of London's notorious Hellfire Club, was Cook's patron. 

Incidentally, Captain Cook did arrive in Hawaii in January 1779 amidst the celebration of the fertility god Lono, which Hunter S. Thompson wrote about in his gonzo book The Curse of Lono.

This sign is significant for being the sign of David Bowie AND Muhammad Ali. Bowie died on this day one year ago and Ali died in June 2016. Ali's 75th birthday is a week from today. And both Ali and Hunter S. Thompson were from Louisville, Kentucky, a city resonating strongly with me these days, curiously enough.

This Muhammad Ali poster was pointed out to me on Sunday afternoon at a school in Guthrie. The Ali syncs keep coming! (Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report)

As a side note, there seemed to be a Louisiana connection to this event, despite the setting seemingly set in Michigan, which is not an uncommon setting in my dreamscapes.

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