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A torch, a "light-bearer" and Olympic-sized questions

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International soccer superstar and proud Englishman David Beckham holds the Olympic torch in Cornwall, England.
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OKLAHOMA CITY -- As we noted in our previous article, “A park. A celebration. An alchemist. A musician,” we suspect there may be something more esoteric and dark (depending on how you interpret it) going on now and being prepared for the biggest sporting event of the year - the 2012 London Summer Olympics.

We first started looking at the strange connections and "coincidences" relating to the coming Olympic Games in our article "The 2012 London Summer Olympics - more than meets the 'eye'?" We noted the William Blake poem "Jerusalem" and the connection to "Zion" and how many have noted this year's Olympic logo, when rearranged, spells out the word "ZION." Many people have interpreted it in different ways. Speculation continues.

Regardless, time moves on and so does the Olympic torch, as it is already "in England's green and pleasant land" as we write this.

After being lit by the sun god Apollo’s “rays,” via a parabolic mirror at the Temple of Hera in ancient Olympia, Greece, the Olympic torch relay has arrived in the United Kingdom and will make a lengthy tour of Britain. London has hosted the Olympics twice before - in 1908 and 1948. Third time's a charm, eh?

The former England national team captain and current soccer star for the Los Angeles Galaxy, David Beckham, lit the celebratory cauldron and signaled the start of the 2012 London Summer Olympics relay, which will take the Olympic flame on a 70-day, 8,000-mile relay before concluding at Olympic Stadium in London on July 27th.

According to an ESPN story, Beckham, 37, is the “bookies’ favorite” to open the Olympics by lighting the cauldron in London. He has already signaled he’d love the job and likely be part of Britain’s first Olympic soccer squad since 1960.

And so today the Olympic torch is winding its way around the British Isles. And what are the origins of the torch relay? According to the London Guardian, “(T)he relay was first seen at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, one of several innovations introduced by the Nazi regime to add symbolism and mystique.”


And speaking of “symbolism and mystique,” the symbolism is widespread and all over the coming Summer Olympics, this magical year of 2012.

We asked if the single eyes on the creepy Wenlock and Mandeville London 2012 Summer Olympics mascots “remind one of HAL 9000 or a CCTV camera. Or the ‘London Eye.’ Or, the ‘All-Seeing Eye.’” Check out the occultic symbolism in the Wenlock and Mandeville videos here.

Our hunch proved to be on the money after we read the June 2012 issue of Vanity Fair where the reporter talks to London Mayor Boris Johnson about the two, one-eyed creatures.

“Each of their faces is taken up entirely by a single eye, which is meant to be a camera lens. The packaging for the plush-toy versions of both figures explains, ‘My single eye is like a camera letting me record everything I see.’ … Is the idea of  giving children a surveillance toy, I asked Johnson, just a little creepy?”

Responded Mayor Johnson: “Are you referring to Mandeville and Wenlock?” the mayor replied. “The thing that children up and down the country, indeed across the planet, are crying out to their parents to buy them for Christmas? Are you referring to our national icons as creepy? I think that’s—they will be, if they are not already, as cherished and as sought-after as—uh ... Schtroumpfs. Or Smurfs. They are the Schtroumpfs du jour. They will be infinitely collectible. What to you is a creepy, monocular, Cyclopean android-type thing is to many children a lovable, hilarious, uh, individual—that will comfort them at night.”

And watch them,” I said.

And watch them,” he answered. “And look after them.”

If that isn’t undeniably creepy, well … I don’t know what else to say. The mayor of London is essentially admitting that the single-eyed creatures – that come to life by the powers of a ‘magical rainbow’ that appears over London – are watching them.

Mayor Johnson, it should be noted, also told Vanity Fair that the historical figure he most identifies with is ancient Athenian leader Pericles. And while Pericles is noted for his warrior spirit and his role as a "perfect statesman in ancient Greece," scholars have noted Pericles is "a populist, a demagogue and a hawk." One scholar said Pericles' Athenian imperialism, which denied true democracy to the people, showed Pericles' "arrogant imperialistic" nature and that may help explain London Mayor Boris Johnson's embrace of the ever-watchful and disquieting Olympic mascots. 

Again, if you miss the occult and New World Order symbolism in these Wenlock and Mandeville videos, I don’t know what else to say, it’s so in-your-face. Note the elemental references to earth-air-fire-water in the creation of the creatures, to the delight of children everywhere, I'm sure.

In our previous piece we explained that John Dee was the the infamous 16th-century alchemist and medical and scientific advisor to Queen Elizabeth 1. Dee, the legend goes, was ultimately a tragic character who makes a Faustian bargain in a quest for knowledge. Dee is credited for having discovered scientific advancements that led to the growth and expansion of the British empire, something that is now nearly gone as Elizabeth II is in her twilight years and celebrating her Diamond Jubilee this summer, quite coincidentally, we might add. 

Perhaps David Beckham will insist that the Queen lights the torch at Olympic Stadium? Remember that Beckham represents a soccer team called the Galaxy based in L.A. It was at the closing of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games - on August 12, 1984 - that a "UFO" joined the end of the 23rd Olympiad at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. As one commentator noted during the UFO's colorful appearance - "Eerie, isn't it?" Watch the video here. And remember this took place exactly 28 years prior to this summer's closing ceremonies with the big Blur concert in London's Hyde Park. There is a lot of chatter that some sort of deceptive "alien visitation" will take place at this year's Olympic Games in London - perhaps on that final day. Others suggest a false-flag terrorist attack. We pray that is not the case.

Again, note this blog post "Wenlock and John Dee" and note the comparison between Dee's esoteric "monas hieroglyphical" and the Mandeville and Wenlock creatures. Nearly identical. And a lot of people are noticing this. Could this account for Damon Albarn's interest and the timing of the Dr Dee opera and album release? And remember how William Shakespeare modeled his character Prospero after Dee in The Tempest. Prospero, the banished Duke of Milan, is marooned on an island with his daughter and has spent 12 years there "perfecting his magical arts." Prospero wants revenge for those who wronged him. Dee was wronged by Edward Kelley, the old story goes. That one ended badly for Dee, note historians.

Incredibly, the $27 million Olympic opening ceremony, directed by Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, Trainspotting), incorporated the event's "Isles of Wonder" theme with a 27-ton bell that would hang at the end of London's Olympic Stadium. The Olympic bell inscribed with a quote from a devilish character named "Caliban" featured in Shakespeare's - you guessed it - The Tempest. The quote? "Be not afeared, the isle is full of noises." The bell was cast earlier this year at the Whitechapel Foundry where the 13.5-ton (half the weight of the Caliban-inspired bell) Big Ben bell was cast in 1856. It's as if this was all planned in advance. We should add that Boyle said he wants the bell - which will be the "biggest ringing bell in Europe" - to be heard by people "for hundreds of years." 

Well, as we noticed the other day famed-and-award-winning actor Christopher Plummer will be playing Prospero in a film version of The Tempest, out in theatres on June 14th. Coincidence, right?

On their critically embraced 2010 album The Final Frontier, heavy metal stalwarts Iron Maiden (who hail from London, unsurprisingly) recorded a song called “The Alchemist.” As we noted with Blur/Gorillaz singer and songwriter Damon Albarn, on this track, written by Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson, Janick Gers and Steve Harris, includes the lyrics, referring to John Dee: “Know this / I will return to this land / Rebuild where the ruins did stand / Restore the knowledge memory / Strange alchemy.”

The theme in popular music in regards to Dee continues ...

Damon Albarn, the lead singer for the Britpop band Blur, is prepping for his band’s reunion concert at Hyde Park at the conclusion of the Olympics on August 12th. The Rolling Stones (known for overt references to Lucifer, sympathetic or not) held a huge concert at Hyde Park in London two days after their multi-talented founder Brian Jones died under still-mysterious circumstances on July 3, 1969. Still not sure how Mick Jagger (who is back in the news today due to his appearance on Saturday Night Live a few days ago) got all those butterflies that were released at the famed '69 Hyde Park show so quickly after Brian Jones's death. It's as if they already had the critters ready in the wings, as it were. Curiouser things have happened.

As we noted previously, Albarn’s latest solo project is Dr Dee, the music featured in the 2011 opera Dr Dee: An English Opera. Albarn, who also co-created the cartoon rock band Gorillaz (one of the cartoon band members, green-skinned bassist “Murdoc,” is an avowed Satanist, believe it or not) is heavily interested in Dee, as he told the London Telegraph last summer.

“Dee haunts me, literally,” Albarn told the Telegraph. “I can sense his spirit hovering around. I’ve been to Chetham’s in Manchester, where he was sent by the Queen to sort out the religious disputes, I’ve held his manuscript letters in my hand and felt so close to a man who was born nearly 500 years ago. It’s as though I’m singing from inside him.”

A bit freaky and weird, to be sure. Albarn takes it seriously and we suggest many others - with good intentions or not - take this stuff seriously as well. With all eyes on the UK this summer, we suspect that some strange things are scheduled, things not involving athletes competing against one another.

Blur, as pop fans may recall, were hugely successful thoughout the 1990’s and into the early 2000’s. They were arguably the biggest and most popular band in Britain for more than a few years during the heady Tony Blair years. And success can be fleeting. But Blur has managed to weather some storms in the intervening years and are returning triumphant to put the icing on the Olympic cake on Aug. 12th - the Olympics that are represented by spooky creatures that are nearly identical to those created centuries ago by Albarn's beloved ghost and Elizabethan occultist John Dee. Coincidence?

Albarn noted in the Telegraph article that he is a fan of 19th century French Romantic composer Hector Berlioz. Berlioz, a noted atheist, is known for the Vienna-staged opera The Damnation of Faust based on Goethe’s dramatic poem Faust about a scholar who makes a deal with the devil. Filmmaker Terry Gilliam (12 Monkeys, Brazil) and Monty Python alum directed The Damnation of Faust at London’s English National Opera in 2011. Curiously, Gilliam’s version incorporates a lot of Nazi imagery and according to a Guardian review “grotesqueries (including) Leni Reifenstahl’s film of the 1936 Olympics.” Yeah, the same Olympics where the Olympic relay gained its “symbolism and mystique.”

This “deal with the devil” stuff has been an interest of Albarn’s for a while, as we can note the obscure Gorillaz track “Faust” from 2001. For the record, we really dig Blur and Gorillaz and Damon Albarn's incredible talents. We just don't know where he intends to take his Faustian fascinations.

We could go on and on. Others have studied these issues far more seriously than we have. We are merely piecing things together as we come across them. Hard to ignore when they're so in your face, eh?

Why all this obsession in popular culture - the "zeitgeist" -  lately with Lucifer and such?  Is a dark ritual going to play out this summer? Did the appearance of the UFO at the end of the 1984 Summer Olympics in L.A. signal what we can expect this August 12th? 

We honestly don't know, although there is a sea of speculation out there in some corners of the Internet. We can only report on what we have come across and uncovered. There are undeniably diabolical forces at work on this planet and we need to be alert and aware.

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