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OKLAHOMA CITY – While concluding a phone call the other day, I suddenly felt an oh-so-brief sensation of “lightness.” It was instantaneous and gone in a flash. But I made a mental note of it.

In the room I was in, a companion was sitting on the couch and happened to be looking at me when this happened. My companion was nervously laughing and shaking their head as I ended the call and I asked why. I was told – after some prodding – that at the moment I ended the call, somehow the space I was standing in “shifted,” like a picture on a television shifting.

I shared this curious little story on a social media platform and it led to a number of replies. The most interesting one was from an old friend living in a neighboring state. He said that he experienced something identical while in the hospital, except he said it was like “skipping a frame.” And in both instances – mine and my friend’s – a reference was made to The Matrix.

That got my attention. Did something happen, almost so quickly that it was only barely noticeable to the naked eye? Earlier that same day, before this happened (at 2:06 p.m. CST this past Monday), I was looking at a story about Cold War fears regarding “Soviet psychics” being able to use their “powers” to shift an entire American city into another dimension.

I have been noticing an uptick in stories about “time shifts,” “slipping into another dimension” and so forth. I always made a note of these stories to myself, chalking them up as interesting, but little more. After this experience and others noting similar “slips,” as it were, my awareness is indeed, heightened.

And while we are noting The Matrix, recall that Keanu Reeves’ character, “Thomas Anderson,” aka “Neo,” had a passport that was dated to expire on September 11, 2001.


The Thursday before this happened, I woke up out of a very curious dream. In it, I found myself in what seemed to be an office lobby, all glassed in, with potted ferns scattered about. Placed behind a chair in this open, yet-somewhat-dim lobby was a building, actually two – it was a completely white model of the World Trade Center complex, with the two prominent Twin Towers.

I was struck by just how white the towers were. It reminded me of the “scale model” Doc Brown builds of the Hill Valley courthouse square in Back to the Future, which is particularly interesting in light of that film’s recently-discovered, synchromystic connection to the 9/11 mystery.

Anyway, the dream proceeds and I find myself in a 7-Eleven (7/11??) sort of convenience store and everything is that sort of slate white color – and I’m appalled. I say to people around me that this is ridiculous. In fact, I hear myself say: “All white is stupid. In fact, I’m going to turn around and ‘paint it black’ like a Goth kid who listens to The Cure, Depeche Mode and The Sisters of Mercy.” At that moment, I can hear The Sisters of Mercy singer Andrew Eldritch’s voice singing a song called “The Sisters of Mercy,” even though that British band does not have a song of that title or with those lyrics. But in this dreamscape, I could hear the (nonexistent) lyrics quite clearly as Eldritch sang. It reminded me of an earlier Dust Devil Dreams post, "Back to the egg," I wrote involving Paul McCartney & Wings and how I heard a song called “Back to the Egg,” complete with lyrics, even though they only had an album, in 1979, titled Back to the Egg, and no song or lyrics involving that title.

Andrew Eldritch of The Sisters of Mercy. (wikimedia commons)

In the notes I took after this dream, I wrote: “Why do they want an ‘all-white’ replica of the Twin Towers?” I speculate it was a statement about official efforts to “whitewash” the real story regarding the attacks that day. I also noted its appearance in my dream may have also had something to do with my reading a book where Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart is noted as having a birthday on 9/11. But then again, maybe not.

A few days later, on the morning of the day of my “shifting” incident, I came out of a dream where the Electric Prunes’ psychedelic hit “I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)” was playing in my head – except it was being performed by a different artist (unknown) and at a slower tempo. I recall waking up and laughing because I was having a dream involving a song where “dreaming” is the key issue at hand – and how the singer had had “too much to dream.”


Anyway, before that, I was again with people dressed in white, like members of some cult.

In my notes (written while I was still coming to my senses), we were in some sort of “church,” where we watched films and listened to speakers. Additionally, some of the cultists were “going on experimental journeys.” I’m not sure what I meant by that.

Also, a small “drone”-like craft was flying over our heads, monitoring things (not unlike the drone I wrote about in my “Oh mi corazon” post a few years ago).

As things progress, and get increasingly “weird,” I realize I need to get out of there. But I’m afraid what my fellow cultists might do if I split. Things are not all right.

Before it ends, I get that ever-so-familiar “flying” sensation, before I hear that old cover version of the Electric Prunes tune. And it’s over.

What to make of all of this? I’m not really sure.


But before I wrap this up, I wanted to mention that at 5 a.m. I felt compelled to watch the 1988 Tom Cruise film Cocktail. I’d seen it years before and forgotten about a lot of the plot, beyond Cruise’s cocky character serving drinks to tourists on a Jamaican beach. I was actually more of a fan of the soundtrack, and was particularly fond of the Georgia Satellites’s cover of the Swingin’ Blue Jeans song “Hippy Hippy Shake.” I had heard it on the radio late last week and was surprised, since it wasn’t a big hit from the Cocktail soundtrack (at least not like the Beach Boys hit “Kokomo.”)

The world's first yuppie poet, in Cocktail. (Buena Vista Pictures)

Well, incredibly, I heard “Hippy Hippy Shake” again! And right after that, a more obscure song by The Police, from their 1983 album Synchronicity – “Murder By Numbers.”

The song struck me because it brought me back to 9/11 and how people who talk about those who died that dark day always use the figure “3,000 people,” when noting how many people died. Specifically, the number is 2,977, as of August 2013.

Anyway, as I ate my sandwich in the car and listened to the song, written by Sting, with music by guitarist Andy Summers, I am struck by this verse:

Now you can join the ranks of the illustrious / In history’s great dark hall of fame / All our greatest killers were industrious / At least the ones that we all know by name.

It’s a chilling song – and the closing track on Synchronicity, an album that features A LOT of songs that I’ve been hearing randomly of late (“Every Breath You Take” and “Synchronicity 1,” for example) – but not “Murder By Numbers,” at least not until today.

Oh, and while watching Cocktail, I was struck by the number of times the director made sure to frame a shot that included the Twin Towers, including a scene (featured at top) of Cruise and co-star Bryan Brown, playing basketball on an outdoor court in Manhattan. Cruise would, 11 years later, appear in the lead role in Stanley Kubrick’s final film, Eyes Wide Shut, set in New York. In fact, there is an unsettling tone in Cocktail that at times, mirrors Eyes Wide Shut. Not in obvious ways, but still ... it's worth revisiting, if you have the opportunity.

And Elisabeth Shue would appear in Back to the Future II in 1989, appearing in a key scene where the characters, in 2015, watch a screen featuring the New York skyline – and primarily, the Twin Towers, as they fall – or at least that is how it appears in the scene, from George McFly’s upside down perspective, as highlighted in Joe Alexander's "Back to the Future Predicts 9/11." Recall the link between Twin Pines and Twin Towers? And the lightning-struck tower? A lot of clues present themselves.

And now that I think about it, I think that “shift” in the futuristic “2015 viewing screen” is how the “shift” appeared to my companion the other day.

And things just get increasingly more eerie by the day … 

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