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OKLAHOMA CITY – Just a few days before the Nov. 15th disappearance of the Argentinian submarine ARA San Juan and its 44 crew members, I had a very strange dream – but typical in my dreamscape – of looking down on a map of the southern portion of South America, with an emphasis on the area around Cape Horn and Tierra del Fuego of Argentina.

So, when the news came out that the ARA San Juan had vanished, traveling from the Ushuaia Naval Base – where the Argentine cruiser ARA General Belgrano had sailed from before being sunk by the British Royal Navy submarine HMS Conqueror during the 1982 Falklands War, killing 321 crew members and two civilians – I made note of this peculiar dream.

Also, because the events taking place in the dream led from the area of Tierra del Fuego and the approximate area of Ushuaia (considered the southernmost city in the world) and up the South Atlantic, past the (disputed) Falkland Islands (aka Malvinas) and into southern Brazil.

Why Brazil? I wish I could remember how the “situation” in the dream was resolved, but I could not recall any more information.

As the BBC reported on Nov. 24, “The ARA San Juan was returning from a routine mission to Ushuaia, near the southernmost tip of South America, when it reported an ‘electrical breakdown.’

Electrical breakdown?

The submarine was on its way to the Mar del Plata Naval Base, south of Buenos Aires.

A massive search in the South Atlantic, north of the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) is underway. The U.S. military passed along a report that hours after the San Juan went missing, a “hydro-acoustic anomaly” was detected. Nothing more on that is known.

And with 10 days worth of oxygen on board, and it being 12 days since the San Juan disappeared, the likelihood of anyone surviving this long is unlikely.

Argentinians hold out hope the San Juan will be found. (


The above subhead, “Where is everybody going?” was from a chapter in John A. Keel’s 1971 book Our Haunted Planet.

Keel notes a number of odd disappearances – and reappearances, in some cases – of bewildered people who were simply going about their day, some vanishing and reppearing thousands of miles away. And they had no idea why or how.

Synchromystically, I finished Our Haunted Planet last night. It’s a fantastic book, as Keel’s books tend to be. He was a fearless observer and reporter and few match his wit and insight.

And while he notes some particularly baffling cases in Argentina, including in the “gate” area of Bahia Blanca (mysterious ‘clouds’ transport people thousands of miles away, in a couple of cases), he also writes: “Submarines too have shown a tendency to vanish in tightly spaced waves or cycles. Back in 1939, before World War II got underway, four subs vanished in four months. They belonged to Japan, the United States, Great Britain and France.

During the week of January 21, 1968, both a French and Israeli submarine disappeared without a trace in the placid Mediterranean. They were hundreds of miles apart when they performed a disappearing act almost simultaneously.”

Keel noted that search parties looking for the lost subs would often see UFOs in the area, adding, “Somebody seems to be collecting submarines.

Back in February 2015 I wrote about Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly catching hell for fibbing about his coverage of the Falklands War. I noted in that piece how two years earlier that after Margaret Thatcher, who was prime minister of Britain during the Falklands War, was severely criticized by controversial singer Morrissey, saying that the “Iron Lady” was “barbaric” for unnecessarily sinking the Belgrano.

At the time I wrote of Morrissey’s comments about Thatcher: “When the young Argentinian boys aboard the Belgrano had suffered a most appalling and unjust death, Thatcher gave the thumbs-up sign for the British press. Iron? No. Barbaric? Yes,” said Morrissey, a man who featured the song ‘Margaret on the Guillotine’ on his first solo album, 1988’s Viva Hate.”

Morrissey has also said that the Falklands – really the Malvinas – belong to Argentina and not Britain.

(Google Images)

More recently, in fact a few days ago, Morrissey (touring in support of his new album Low in High School) told the German newspaper Der Spiegel that yes, if there was a “button” he could push that would end in the death of American President Donald Trump, he would push it.

Added Morrissey: “I would, for the safety of humanity. It has nothing to do with my personal opinion of his face or his family, but in the interest of humanity I would push.”  

I note this for another reason, in light of my dream about Argentina and Brazil … in this other dream, a day or so later, Donald Trump disappears under mysterious circumstances. (sync with “Barron Marvelous”)

Trump is never found.

And in the dream I am noting how everyone is scrambling to see what will happen. I keep saying, “Mike Pence is now the president.” Which is weird, because when my father was in a movie theater watching the 1958 moonshine-running film Thunder Road on November 22, 1963 in a Virginia movie theater, a friend told him, “President Kennedy was just shot. He’s dead.”

Dad, who was no fan of JFK, blandly said, “Well, I guess Johnson is president.”

Shocking, I know.

So, there is a discussion about now that Pence is president, the vice-president is House Speaker Paul Ryan. There was some issue about Ryan that is also unclear all these days later. I do recall it being quite vivid – at the time. Just like my Tierra del Fuego / Cape Horn / Brazil dream a few days earlier.


I can’t forget the Argentina angle in Twin Peaks. Starting in 1992’s Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me motion picture, where FBI Special Agent Phillip Jeffries (played by David Bowie) disappears while on assignment (Blue Rose Task Force) in Buenos Aires (good air or “pure air”) in a situation involving what may be a “portal,” as he reappears later in the Philadelphia FBI office – on a date two years after his 1987 disappearance. 

(CBS Home Entertainment)

I found it interesting that David Lynch chose Buenos Aires as a portal point and important site for this paranormal "activity," since that area of the world has been bedeviled with UFOs galore and high weirdness in general - not to mention its political history and the fact that the Pope - the outspoken Pope Francis - hails from there. Keel makes multiple mentions of the Catholic Church leaders throughout his work. And today, Pope Francis is noted as being the first pontiff to visit Myanmar.

And in Twin Peaks: The Return, both Jeffries and Buenos Aires play a role in this portion of this puzzle as well, with a strange "transmitter" located in some dank basement, as I noted here.

And finally, Argentina is where, during the 1976-83 "Dirty War," when that South American nation was run by a junta - far-right military dictatorship, in the Francoist style - where the "state terrorists" hunted down left-wing guerrillas, political dissidents and anyone associated with socialism, and in some cases flew out over the ocean and dropped people out of the airplanes. These were the desaparecidos - the disappeared.

In my April 6, 2017 Dust Devil Dreams piece "Desaparecidos (Upside down)" both Brazil and Argentina are noted, as is a mysterious disappearance we noted at that time - along with Twin Peaks, interestingly enough.

Seems  as though some dreamscapes like to reappear from time to time.

Let me end with a link to Sonic Youth's 1990 Goo song "Disappearer," where Thurston Moore sings, in part: "You've been away too long / It's been way too long / Eastern star is on / a disappearer.

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